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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Philadelphia Triathlon Club and helping the local multi-sport community! It is no secret that triathlon and the cost of participating in three different sports is often a barrier to participation. Our mission is to grow triathlon/multi-sport and support participation as much as possible. Important partners, like you, help us continue to keep membership dues at an affordable level while maximizing the benefits our members receive. We also have introduced reduced membership fees for students aged 18 to 23 to help encourage more youth participation. It’s our sponsors which help make PTC what it is today and bridge to the future.

By being a PTC sponsor, you are able to associate your brand with the positive attributes of multi-sport such as healthy living, camaraderie, and personal development. Like no other sport, triathlon embraces the concept of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. All three sports require fitness, determination, and tactical thinking. You can find participants at local races that range in age from 10 – 85 years old!

Specific to PTC, we are a diverse and inclusive club with different backgrounds and ability levels brought together in pursuit of a collective passion. We train to go faster, be stronger and have fun. Our members participate at every level; national, regional and local. We have close to 150 members annually located around the Southeast PA/South New Jersey region.

If you would like to move forward with a package, please complete the form at the following link and we will email you an invoice:

Feel free to send any questions/clarifications our way at

We thank you in advance for your sponsorship consideration and your continued support of the local triathlon community!

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